Monday, October 12, 2009

The Final Frontier

For being almost 30, and part of a "tech savvy" generation, I am the WORST! I'm almost beligerent when it comes to technology. I've been putting this off for years, even dreading it! And yet here I am, brought low, and now full participating in the "BLOG" lifestyle. Will any of you give a rip what I say? Probably not. Will I have anything worth while to say? Maybe not. But am I gonna say it anyway? you bet. Now that I'm here, I'm gonna let it all fly weather you like it or not!!! So here's to happy Blogging!


  1. I'm waiting for some egg recipes, egg crafts, and some "egg"celent reading!

  2. now have 2 followers we should get together every month so we have "new" ideas to blog about...